Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday 16th June 2009

Me all happy Halloween night last year (2008)=)

Hello everyone!!
Feeling very positive today WOOHOO
Sorry I havent been posting on a daily basis. I had just been busy :)

I'll just try fill you in on yesterday! Ok so I'm very proud of myself after all my hard work.

I did 10 LAPS in the swimming pool after work then I brought the dog for a walk with my sister we kept alternating we would walk for 5 minutes the nrun for another etc etc. the ni came home and chilled for half hour then cleaned my bedroom and got myslef ready for gym for today then went on the trampoline for 15 minutes then I keeled over and conked out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz LOL

Today I'm going to repeat the same from yesterday. I want to try keep this a regular thing as I'm desperate to loose weight for my holiday at the end of July. I'm going with all my gilies and all my male firneds are going to :0, I went last year was very uncomfortable as was very wobbley must admit I'm more toned now than was back then.

I have also discovered my gym opens at 6.30am so I'm going to get up every morning that bit early to make it into the gym then head on to work. At least then I can go for another swim then go for my walk, trampoline etc afterwards.. I need to do this!!

I have weigh in tomorrow evening so fingers crossed !! :):)

PS does anyone know how to make your profile more exciting?? Mines quite plain and boring

Over and out people until tomorrow =)


Me all happy Halloween night last year (2008)=)

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  1. That little balck thing on my cheek is meant ot be a lil drawing of a bee. My sister drew it.. it was actually quite good