Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday 25th June 2009

Well had my weigh in last night people and YES I lost a Whooper of 4lbs this week soo excited. It brings me to 11st 8lbss now. only 1lb to go until 10%. Its given me that extra boost I needed to get out there and get my goal.

I have my 2 best mates 21st this weekend so it will be a messy night but i'll just have to go to the gym the next afternoon LOL hence it wont be the monring I'll more than likely be dying with a hangover!

Speaking of Hangover the new film out called the Hangover out in Cinemas now is absolutely brilliant I went to see it on Sunday with my sister for my brithday one of the funniest films ever made!! SO go and see it ;)

Well thats all from me for today
Sorry I havent posted since Friday but been really busy and I'm never really online at the weekend.

Talk to you all later xxoxx


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