Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pancake Day/ Ash Wednesday


Well I had a pancake on Pancake Tuesday, just a small one... It was yummy.
I put strawberries, choclate sauce and sprinkles on it Nom nom nom :)

There was pancake mix left over and my mother was going to make more yesterday and she did but I controlled myself.

No excersise done on Tuesday :( didnt get to as had to pick up bf from work and yesterday couldnt go to my class as I had to bring my mam to my sisters to do the snag list.. What a waste of time that was - the builder is useless!! anyway thats a long story for another day :) so I went home and stuck Clair Nasir's DVD on and did half an hour of the kickboxing session.

Tonight I am going walking and running hail rain or shine... Nobody best get in my way!! :D

Hoping for a loss now on Monday please god !! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WI - Week 8 :(

So WI last night and unfortunately I have put up 1lb. :'(

At least I know what I did wrong I supose, had a big lovely chipper on Saturday night... I'm giving up fast food for lent which starts tomorrow the 9th..

Walking tonight going to crank up the running a notch and try go for longer than usual. I was soo close to getting my silver 7 if only it was pound down than up..

But heres to this week going to be extra EXTRA good to get down

Come on I can do this, if not why not?

Over and out

Sarah xx

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pro Points Plan

How is everyone finding the new plan??

I'm loving it.

I have lost 6lbs to date with my 8th WI tonight. I am hoping for at least 1lb loss tonight to get my silver 7 !!

I'm doing more excersise on this plan than I have ever done before. I have my week planned out all the time.

Monday - WI
Tuesday - 8 km walk/run
Wednesday - Bootcamp 1hr & ½
Thursday - 8km walk/run
Friday - Bootcamp 1hr & ½

Saturday's I use my weeklies to enjoy the day without having to do too much watching food wise also I can have a few little drinky poo's :)

I feel soo good for getting out there and doing things for myself and not putting everyone else first as I used to. I have been meaning to take my body measurements and a before and after photo for so long. Soo tonight I am taking my measurements and will get my bf to take a before and after photo of me from front to back and either side. Just to see what I look like to others...

This is my challenge :)

Talk soon

Sarah xx

Guess who's back, back again... Its ME :)


Hope everyone is well :)

This is my first post since 2009 I think, as I lost the passwords etc.

Any way I hope everyone likes my blog and I hope I keep you interested in my weight loss journey :)

Talk soon

Sarah xx

My progress on the old points scheme


My weigh in day was on a Wednesday. Here was my progress so far when I started WW

Week 1: - 4½ lbs
Week 2: - ½ lbs
Week 3: STS
Week 4: - 2 lbs
Week 5: + ½ lbs
Week 6: - 3 lbs
Week 7: - 3 lbs
Week 8: + 1½ lbs
Week 9: - ½ lbs
Week 10: - 1 ½ lbs
Week 11: STS
Week 12: -4lbs =)
Week 13: No WI