Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday 26th June 2009


Such a shock last night to hear Michael Jackson died last night, I was never a huge fan but I loved his music especially with the Jackson 5. Its soo sad, my heart goes out to the family and friends. May he rest in peace. Its crazy the amount of heartless jokes going around about him already. I have recieved 5 so far. You would wonder why people have the time to do this.

Also Farrah Fausset Charlies Angel actress sadly died yesterday morning. She was one of the most beautiful people to ever live. May she also rest in peace.

A sad day for everyone all over the world, this will be a day we will always remember 25/06/2009!!

On the weight watchers side I didnt do any excersise yesterday :( I was running around everywhere after work, was in the hospital visiting my best friend Orla she has been getting excrucating pains in her head the last couple of weeks she went to the doctors Wednesday and was referred to hospital she has to get scans and few tests done today fingers crossed she will beout in time for her party tomorrow healthy & not in any pain!!

Over & out people!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday 25th June 2009

Well had my weigh in last night people and YES I lost a Whooper of 4lbs this week soo excited. It brings me to 11st 8lbss now. only 1lb to go until 10%. Its given me that extra boost I needed to get out there and get my goal.

I have my 2 best mates 21st this weekend so it will be a messy night but i'll just have to go to the gym the next afternoon LOL hence it wont be the monring I'll more than likely be dying with a hangover!

Speaking of Hangover the new film out called the Hangover out in Cinemas now is absolutely brilliant I went to see it on Sunday with my sister for my brithday one of the funniest films ever made!! SO go and see it ;)

Well thats all from me for today
Sorry I havent posted since Friday but been really busy and I'm never really online at the weekend.

Talk to you all later xxoxx


Friday, June 19, 2009

Bodys to die for!

Tara Reid - American Pie - Oh my god what a body I would love hers! She was really good in American pie, classic film!

Jessica Alba - Honey - Fab body one of my favourite actresses aswell

Christina Agularia - Singer - Love her shes brilliant and always has a fantastic figure, love her voice aswell

Samia Smith - Coronation Street - Gorgeous girl and fab body iwish ilooked like her or evne just had her hair or had got the chance to kiss Liam Carter from Corrie LOL

Tina O'Brien - Coronation Street - figure she is gorgeous still has a fab figure after having her lil baby Scarlet!

Kimberly Walsh - Girls Aloud - FAB!!
I love her figure, its womanly and curvy. She looks great,this is the body I would love to have... I think this is my favourite outta all these gorgeous ladies!

Friday 19th June 2009

Hi guys,


Well I went swimming again last night its doing wonders for me
I'm seeing great results on my waist. I have also being keeping up to date with my tampoline. I'm determind to get a decent bikini body by the end of July...

I'm hoping for a great weight loss result this Wednesday! FINGERS CROSSED

Ohh its my birthday on sunday which is also Fathers day.. What a great present I was for my dad PMSL. I have my mates 21st Saturday night in city centre (Dublin) I can't wait. only thing is I cant go out for my birthday as I had planned going on the Saturday, but sure have to sacrifice LOL. I'll be 1 next year OMG all grown up. I dont want to grow up I like being young and stuff :P

Going to go for dinner with my family on sunday then head to Cinema with my sister and me and the girls might do something afterwards. I really want to go see The Hangover, its looks really good!

Well thats all from me I'll try post at the weekend but I cant promise as its going to be hectic :O:O

Over and out <3


Thursday 18th June 2009 =)

Hi guys,

Well had my weigh in yesterday, I STS (stayed the same) I'm feeling a little hard done by as I worked really hard this week drank my 2 litres a day sometimes 3 litres
excersised 5 days out of the 7 pointed everything even the pizza I had on Friday (I know I'm so bold)I didnt eat any of my BP's which I never do. I was really hoping for a 2 pound loss at the very least. You win some ya loose some I supose. Although my monthlys arrived the day of my weigh in. Which really sucked! Soo I'd say thats the reason for the STS

I have started the Fast start diet today so fingers crossed it will show some real results. I was on a 21 point a day but I will now be on 18.

Breaky - Special K slimline milk (2½)

Lunch - Ryvita crackers x3 (1½)
WW Jam (1)
Popcorn (1)
WW yoghurt (½)

Dinner - Noodles (4)
Scrambled egg incl milk (2)
toberlone piece (3) just to be safe

I have saved 2 points and have worked up 4 BP's as I went swimming and on the excersise bike in work.

Well thats me for today =)

Over and out

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday 17th June 2009!

Hi everyone,

Well its WEDNESDAY which means weigh in tonight!
Wish me luck

Well today I had

Breaky - Special K skimmed milk

Lunch - Brown bread ham sambo, King lites.

Dinner - Scrambled egg & toast (I know not really filling for a dinner but I have a craving LOL)

I repeated my routine last night again. all except the walking
I went swimming then I came home had my dinner (fresh cod in breadcrumbs & few oven chippys)
Then I put on a really dancey dancey cd and bopped away on my trampoline while doing my weights for a whole 15 minutes getting good at it now.. WOOHOO

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday 16th June 2009

Me all happy Halloween night last year (2008)=)

Hello everyone!!
Feeling very positive today WOOHOO
Sorry I havent been posting on a daily basis. I had just been busy :)

I'll just try fill you in on yesterday! Ok so I'm very proud of myself after all my hard work.

I did 10 LAPS in the swimming pool after work then I brought the dog for a walk with my sister we kept alternating we would walk for 5 minutes the nrun for another etc etc. the ni came home and chilled for half hour then cleaned my bedroom and got myslef ready for gym for today then went on the trampoline for 15 minutes then I keeled over and conked out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz LOL

Today I'm going to repeat the same from yesterday. I want to try keep this a regular thing as I'm desperate to loose weight for my holiday at the end of July. I'm going with all my gilies and all my male firneds are going to :0, I went last year was very uncomfortable as was very wobbley must admit I'm more toned now than was back then.

I have also discovered my gym opens at 6.30am so I'm going to get up every morning that bit early to make it into the gym then head on to work. At least then I can go for another swim then go for my walk, trampoline etc afterwards.. I need to do this!!

I have weigh in tomorrow evening so fingers crossed !! :):)

PS does anyone know how to make your profile more exciting?? Mines quite plain and boring

Over and out people until tomorrow =)


Me all happy Halloween night last year (2008)=)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Trampoline challenge starts today

Hi all,

I'm eventually getting the hang of this blog business LOL
This is my fourth on now I'm well proud.

Today is the day I start my trampoline challenge. I went to Argos after work yesterday and bought a trampoline (excersise one) especially for it. I've to do 15 minutes everyday on it doing different movements and jogging jumping etc just to alternate so to work different musles and parts of my bum tum and thighs.
I'm going to measure my thighs hips and bum to see if there is much of a difference in so many weeks of the same excersise. I will also take photos to see my progression and post my before and after pictures on here for you all to see if it is really benifical.

I got a trampoline for Xmas one year I think I was 9 this was obviously before the huge one came out and they were really popular, but it was blue & yellow I loved it never off it my parents had to drag me off it at times to come in for dinner etc LOL parents had a few friends up for a meal and drinks I was in my aunnties that night and when I got home it was wripped :( the y drunken idiots decided it would be fun to all jump on the trampoline at the same time .. I was devasted haha

Well I'll keep you posted and upload pictures later on :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pictures of me!!

Hi everyone,

Here are just a few pictures of me throughout the years

1st picture - Shane & Me in Santa Ponsa 2008
2nd picture - Me & Shauna in Graces pub June 2008
3rd picture - Me sipping a cocktail in Time 2008 my arms are yuky =(
4th picture - Orla & Me Dublin match June 2008 had a bit of a belly =(
5th picture - Daniel & Me Sept July 2008 I felt so skinny then size 10

Thursday 11th June 2009 =)

Me December 08 (quiet slim) size 10 top and 10 bottoms

Hi Hi Hi,
Cool I have followers didnt think anyone would be that interested =) Thanks for reading and now following my blog, it means alot to me.

Today I'm in work at 9 then I have training in BGE (the company we work for) I get to meet everyone over there that i have been talking to on the phone but was unable to put a face to the voice. So kinda looking forward to that. Its also one of the girls in the office birthday today so we are having a lil cake and stuff for her.. (I'm only going to have a sliver of cake)point it as 3.

So for today I will have:

Special K (30g) slimline milk (2½)

Slice brown bread toasted (2)

Roll with ham, onion & small bit of low cal coleslaw (5)

¼ piece of cake lovely (3)

Non yolk omelette & oven chipsx10 (4)

Then I have 4 points left to mess around with, or maybe I'll save them for the weekend. Hmm I'll go to the gym before my dinner cos I'm always starving after swimming so best eat my dinner rather than binge on choclate

I'm going to buy a trampoline this evening just reserved it at an Argos store down from work. I'm starting a trampoline chaellenge tomorrow. 15 minutes everyday but think I'll do the half hour on it just to up the anti =)

Thats all from me for today, I'll be talking to you tomorrow =)

Thanks for reading guys, over & out! :)

P.S. - I'll post some pictures of me so you can see my progress :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I will be a Skinny Minnie

Hi Everyone,

This is my first ever blog thanks to Hannah for giving me the idea =) I am currently following weight watchers, I first started last year after looking at pictures of myself at my work Xmas party and said to myself OMG what do i look like! Then said that enough was enough, I was sick and tired of seeing photos of myself looking fat and ugly in photos I would have from nights out with friends and then looking at all my gorgeous skinny friends & always crying when getting ready to go out as nothing fitted me without a few bulges popping out here and there. My sister was always bigger than me not by too much but she was now smaller than me not that I had a problem with that as such but asked myself why am I inflating while shes deflating? She had joined weight watchers and I decided to give it a go. i went for 3 weeks but my heart wasnt in it. I never really got on with my sister never really know much about her even though we live in the same house, she was never there to tell me well done on that loss etc. So I gave up and I got even bigger this time round. I was soo depressed as all i wanted to do was be thin have no wobble be confident in myself! I was suffering from depresstion for months a I was bullied in school but the effects were only happening then. I talked to my best firend about it and she said to talk to someone I always said oh yeah I will, but I had no intention until I had a big row a huge flip out with my sister when we were home alone that was the end for me I had to sort myself out. Elaine (sister) and I had a big heart to heart and have been really close ever since we just never had time she had a boyfriend (of 6yrs) and I was just soo depressed didnt want to talk to anyone, I told her I was depressed mainly about my weight so she invited me to join weight watchers with her she has benn soo supportive and telling me not to eat this or that which is such a help..
I joined on April 1st and have 2½lbs to loose until my first stone is gone.. My weigh in is on Wednesdays so from this evening I could have lost more than I have stated above. I used to wear size 8/10 in clothes but am now wearing a loose 12 woohoo not long to go until my goal.

Start weight: 12s 11lbs
Present weight:11s 13½lbs
Goal weight: 9s 9lbs
I'm was a 32 C now a whopping a 34D in bra size.

I will post a before and after picture of my shortly..

Love Sarah <3>

Before -1st picture December 08 After - 2nd picture May 09