Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pancake Day/ Ash Wednesday


Well I had a pancake on Pancake Tuesday, just a small one... It was yummy.
I put strawberries, choclate sauce and sprinkles on it Nom nom nom :)

There was pancake mix left over and my mother was going to make more yesterday and she did but I controlled myself.

No excersise done on Tuesday :( didnt get to as had to pick up bf from work and yesterday couldnt go to my class as I had to bring my mam to my sisters to do the snag list.. What a waste of time that was - the builder is useless!! anyway thats a long story for another day :) so I went home and stuck Clair Nasir's DVD on and did half an hour of the kickboxing session.

Tonight I am going walking and running hail rain or shine... Nobody best get in my way!! :D

Hoping for a loss now on Monday please god !! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WI - Week 8 :(

So WI last night and unfortunately I have put up 1lb. :'(

At least I know what I did wrong I supose, had a big lovely chipper on Saturday night... I'm giving up fast food for lent which starts tomorrow the 9th..

Walking tonight going to crank up the running a notch and try go for longer than usual. I was soo close to getting my silver 7 if only it was pound down than up..

But heres to this week going to be extra EXTRA good to get down

Come on I can do this, if not why not?

Over and out

Sarah xx

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pro Points Plan

How is everyone finding the new plan??

I'm loving it.

I have lost 6lbs to date with my 8th WI tonight. I am hoping for at least 1lb loss tonight to get my silver 7 !!

I'm doing more excersise on this plan than I have ever done before. I have my week planned out all the time.

Monday - WI
Tuesday - 8 km walk/run
Wednesday - Bootcamp 1hr & ½
Thursday - 8km walk/run
Friday - Bootcamp 1hr & ½

Saturday's I use my weeklies to enjoy the day without having to do too much watching food wise also I can have a few little drinky poo's :)

I feel soo good for getting out there and doing things for myself and not putting everyone else first as I used to. I have been meaning to take my body measurements and a before and after photo for so long. Soo tonight I am taking my measurements and will get my bf to take a before and after photo of me from front to back and either side. Just to see what I look like to others...

This is my challenge :)

Talk soon

Sarah xx

Guess who's back, back again... Its ME :)


Hope everyone is well :)

This is my first post since 2009 I think, as I lost the passwords etc.

Any way I hope everyone likes my blog and I hope I keep you interested in my weight loss journey :)

Talk soon

Sarah xx

My progress on the old points scheme


My weigh in day was on a Wednesday. Here was my progress so far when I started WW

Week 1: - 4½ lbs
Week 2: - ½ lbs
Week 3: STS
Week 4: - 2 lbs
Week 5: + ½ lbs
Week 6: - 3 lbs
Week 7: - 3 lbs
Week 8: + 1½ lbs
Week 9: - ½ lbs
Week 10: - 1 ½ lbs
Week 11: STS
Week 12: -4lbs =)
Week 13: No WI

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday 26th June 2009


Such a shock last night to hear Michael Jackson died last night, I was never a huge fan but I loved his music especially with the Jackson 5. Its soo sad, my heart goes out to the family and friends. May he rest in peace. Its crazy the amount of heartless jokes going around about him already. I have recieved 5 so far. You would wonder why people have the time to do this.

Also Farrah Fausset Charlies Angel actress sadly died yesterday morning. She was one of the most beautiful people to ever live. May she also rest in peace.

A sad day for everyone all over the world, this will be a day we will always remember 25/06/2009!!

On the weight watchers side I didnt do any excersise yesterday :( I was running around everywhere after work, was in the hospital visiting my best friend Orla she has been getting excrucating pains in her head the last couple of weeks she went to the doctors Wednesday and was referred to hospital she has to get scans and few tests done today fingers crossed she will beout in time for her party tomorrow healthy & not in any pain!!

Over & out people!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday 25th June 2009

Well had my weigh in last night people and YES I lost a Whooper of 4lbs this week soo excited. It brings me to 11st 8lbss now. only 1lb to go until 10%. Its given me that extra boost I needed to get out there and get my goal.

I have my 2 best mates 21st this weekend so it will be a messy night but i'll just have to go to the gym the next afternoon LOL hence it wont be the monring I'll more than likely be dying with a hangover!

Speaking of Hangover the new film out called the Hangover out in Cinemas now is absolutely brilliant I went to see it on Sunday with my sister for my brithday one of the funniest films ever made!! SO go and see it ;)

Well thats all from me for today
Sorry I havent posted since Friday but been really busy and I'm never really online at the weekend.

Talk to you all later xxoxx