Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday 26th June 2009


Such a shock last night to hear Michael Jackson died last night, I was never a huge fan but I loved his music especially with the Jackson 5. Its soo sad, my heart goes out to the family and friends. May he rest in peace. Its crazy the amount of heartless jokes going around about him already. I have recieved 5 so far. You would wonder why people have the time to do this.

Also Farrah Fausset Charlies Angel actress sadly died yesterday morning. She was one of the most beautiful people to ever live. May she also rest in peace.

A sad day for everyone all over the world, this will be a day we will always remember 25/06/2009!!

On the weight watchers side I didnt do any excersise yesterday :( I was running around everywhere after work, was in the hospital visiting my best friend Orla she has been getting excrucating pains in her head the last couple of weeks she went to the doctors Wednesday and was referred to hospital she has to get scans and few tests done today fingers crossed she will beout in time for her party tomorrow healthy & not in any pain!!

Over & out people!


  1. May they both rest in piece. Anyway, such a cute blog. I'll follow u, maybe you would follow mine too. Xos

    you said you live in Ireland, rite? Oh boy, i really want to go there, hehehe

  2. It is such a shock to have 2 tv icons pass away in the same week.

    I hope all goes well with the scans and you get positive results.

    Take great care.