Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I will be a Skinny Minnie

Hi Everyone,

This is my first ever blog thanks to Hannah for giving me the idea =) I am currently following weight watchers, I first started last year after looking at pictures of myself at my work Xmas party and said to myself OMG what do i look like! Then said that enough was enough, I was sick and tired of seeing photos of myself looking fat and ugly in photos I would have from nights out with friends and then looking at all my gorgeous skinny friends & always crying when getting ready to go out as nothing fitted me without a few bulges popping out here and there. My sister was always bigger than me not by too much but she was now smaller than me not that I had a problem with that as such but asked myself why am I inflating while shes deflating? She had joined weight watchers and I decided to give it a go. i went for 3 weeks but my heart wasnt in it. I never really got on with my sister never really know much about her even though we live in the same house, she was never there to tell me well done on that loss etc. So I gave up and I got even bigger this time round. I was soo depressed as all i wanted to do was be thin have no wobble be confident in myself! I was suffering from depresstion for months a I was bullied in school but the effects were only happening then. I talked to my best firend about it and she said to talk to someone I always said oh yeah I will, but I had no intention until I had a big row a huge flip out with my sister when we were home alone that was the end for me I had to sort myself out. Elaine (sister) and I had a big heart to heart and have been really close ever since we just never had time she had a boyfriend (of 6yrs) and I was just soo depressed didnt want to talk to anyone, I told her I was depressed mainly about my weight so she invited me to join weight watchers with her she has benn soo supportive and telling me not to eat this or that which is such a help..
I joined on April 1st and have 2½lbs to loose until my first stone is gone.. My weigh in is on Wednesdays so from this evening I could have lost more than I have stated above. I used to wear size 8/10 in clothes but am now wearing a loose 12 woohoo not long to go until my goal.

Start weight: 12s 11lbs
Present weight:11s 13½lbs
Goal weight: 9s 9lbs
I'm was a 32 C now a whopping a 34D in bra size.

I will post a before and after picture of my shortly..

Love Sarah <3>

Before -1st picture December 08 After - 2nd picture May 09


  1. yay girly, you look so good :) keep going.
    keep posting blogs too - keep eachother motivated! x x

  2. That last picture was only taken from Saturday night gone. Thats my sister in the picture with me. Thanks a million hun, we'll do this together.