Friday, June 12, 2009

Trampoline challenge starts today

Hi all,

I'm eventually getting the hang of this blog business LOL
This is my fourth on now I'm well proud.

Today is the day I start my trampoline challenge. I went to Argos after work yesterday and bought a trampoline (excersise one) especially for it. I've to do 15 minutes everyday on it doing different movements and jogging jumping etc just to alternate so to work different musles and parts of my bum tum and thighs.
I'm going to measure my thighs hips and bum to see if there is much of a difference in so many weeks of the same excersise. I will also take photos to see my progression and post my before and after pictures on here for you all to see if it is really benifical.

I got a trampoline for Xmas one year I think I was 9 this was obviously before the huge one came out and they were really popular, but it was blue & yellow I loved it never off it my parents had to drag me off it at times to come in for dinner etc LOL parents had a few friends up for a meal and drinks I was in my aunnties that night and when I got home it was wripped :( the y drunken idiots decided it would be fun to all jump on the trampoline at the same time .. I was devasted haha

Well I'll keep you posted and upload pictures later on :)

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  1. Hiiii :) Just read your entry from yesterday & today, and I'm totally up for buying a trampoline now!!! Sounds like so much fun, just get on it infront of big brother & start bouncing & loose all track of time & before you know it you've done 30mins of exercise! :) Loving this idea, x x