Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday 18th June 2009 =)

Hi guys,

Well had my weigh in yesterday, I STS (stayed the same) I'm feeling a little hard done by as I worked really hard this week drank my 2 litres a day sometimes 3 litres
excersised 5 days out of the 7 pointed everything even the pizza I had on Friday (I know I'm so bold)I didnt eat any of my BP's which I never do. I was really hoping for a 2 pound loss at the very least. You win some ya loose some I supose. Although my monthlys arrived the day of my weigh in. Which really sucked! Soo I'd say thats the reason for the STS

I have started the Fast start diet today so fingers crossed it will show some real results. I was on a 21 point a day but I will now be on 18.

Breaky - Special K slimline milk (2½)

Lunch - Ryvita crackers x3 (1½)
WW Jam (1)
Popcorn (1)
WW yoghurt (½)

Dinner - Noodles (4)
Scrambled egg incl milk (2)
toberlone piece (3) just to be safe

I have saved 2 points and have worked up 4 BP's as I went swimming and on the excersise bike in work.

Well thats me for today =)

Over and out

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