Friday, June 19, 2009

Bodys to die for!

Tara Reid - American Pie - Oh my god what a body I would love hers! She was really good in American pie, classic film!

Jessica Alba - Honey - Fab body one of my favourite actresses aswell

Christina Agularia - Singer - Love her shes brilliant and always has a fantastic figure, love her voice aswell

Samia Smith - Coronation Street - Gorgeous girl and fab body iwish ilooked like her or evne just had her hair or had got the chance to kiss Liam Carter from Corrie LOL

Tina O'Brien - Coronation Street - figure she is gorgeous still has a fab figure after having her lil baby Scarlet!

Kimberly Walsh - Girls Aloud - FAB!!
I love her figure, its womanly and curvy. She looks great,this is the body I would love to have... I think this is my favourite outta all these gorgeous ladies!


  1. You look amazing hon, and I'm so jealous.. you have done so well. Good for you.
    Loving your page.
    Hope the weekend won't be to hard (there is just way to much temptation during the weekend)
    My wi is also on Wed, so at least it gives us two days to have a few low point days

  2. Thanks a million hun!
    It tooks me ages to do my page a very long quiet day in work LOL
    I had my birthday on Sunday slice of pizza, cinema popcorn, malteasers icecream two pieces of cake =( what a disater!! :(
    Definately low points and beating the roads and hitting the gym today and tomorrow =)