Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday 11th June 2009 =)

Me December 08 (quiet slim) size 10 top and 10 bottoms

Hi Hi Hi,
Cool I have followers didnt think anyone would be that interested =) Thanks for reading and now following my blog, it means alot to me.

Today I'm in work at 9 then I have training in BGE (the company we work for) I get to meet everyone over there that i have been talking to on the phone but was unable to put a face to the voice. So kinda looking forward to that. Its also one of the girls in the office birthday today so we are having a lil cake and stuff for her.. (I'm only going to have a sliver of cake)point it as 3.

So for today I will have:

Special K (30g) slimline milk (2½)

Slice brown bread toasted (2)

Roll with ham, onion & small bit of low cal coleslaw (5)

¼ piece of cake lovely (3)

Non yolk omelette & oven chipsx10 (4)

Then I have 4 points left to mess around with, or maybe I'll save them for the weekend. Hmm I'll go to the gym before my dinner cos I'm always starving after swimming so best eat my dinner rather than binge on choclate

I'm going to buy a trampoline this evening just reserved it at an Argos store down from work. I'm starting a trampoline chaellenge tomorrow. 15 minutes everyday but think I'll do the half hour on it just to up the anti =)

Thats all from me for today, I'll be talking to you tomorrow =)

Thanks for reading guys, over & out! :)

P.S. - I'll post some pictures of me so you can see my progress :)

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