Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday 19th June 2009

Hi guys,


Well I went swimming again last night its doing wonders for me
I'm seeing great results on my waist. I have also being keeping up to date with my tampoline. I'm determind to get a decent bikini body by the end of July...

I'm hoping for a great weight loss result this Wednesday! FINGERS CROSSED

Ohh its my birthday on sunday which is also Fathers day.. What a great present I was for my dad PMSL. I have my mates 21st Saturday night in city centre (Dublin) I can't wait. only thing is I cant go out for my birthday as I had planned going on the Saturday, but sure have to sacrifice LOL. I'll be 1 next year OMG all grown up. I dont want to grow up I like being young and stuff :P

Going to go for dinner with my family on sunday then head to Cinema with my sister and me and the girls might do something afterwards. I really want to go see The Hangover, its looks really good!

Well thats all from me I'll try post at the weekend but I cant promise as its going to be hectic :O:O

Over and out <3


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